Curriculum Vitae

PhD, Orthodontist,
Assist. of prof. of Department of pediatric dentistry and orthodontia
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
Moscow, Russia,

1996 DDS -MoscowMedical Stomatological Institute
1998 MD – Departament of Orthodontics of MoscowMedical Stomatological Institute
2013 PhD – Departament of Pediatric dentistry and Orthodontia of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
Absoanchor Certified speaker
3M speaker
Adenta speaker
Expert on Incognito System
EOS member
WFO fellow
Member of Russian Orthodontic Society
Using lingual systems since 2001
Using microimplants since 2003
Have few patents, articles, author’s seminars and lectures around the World (Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, China, Jordan, India, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, England, USA, Thailand, Lebanon, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy etc.)
Private practice.


Indications to the closure of post-extraction spaces.

There are certain aspects of the process that we should to remember and keep in our mind when closing spaces. It will help us to understand, why and how different specific appliances work or do not work, where the risks are and how we can manage them.
We should to understand on the one hand, which biological processes are happening in the bone during space closure and, on the other hand, how we can control them best and manipulate them to close spaces reliably, softly, efficiently, and calculable for better treatment.
If the force is too high, this process is no longer in an equilibrium, but causes undesired effects, especially counter effects.
So, the questions are: Is there a reliable and measurable way to control the metabolic process necessary for tooth movement and space closure? What kind of biomechanics and features for closing post-extraction spaces of the premolars and molars? How to select an anchorage.
The variety of techniques using closing coil, lase-back, microimplants, Hycon, different bends on the arch wires to close the post-extraction spaces are too much. Or, sometimes we can’t close spaces.
Considering that our body is a unified whole, the movement of the teeth affects the posture of man. So, our task is to define the indications and contraindications to the closure of post-extraction spaces. We must determine the advantages and disadvantages of different techniques and to get recommendations and conclusions