Poster Formatting:
The poster should meet the following criteria in order to ensure participation:

All posters should feature a title, authors names, the name of the institution where
the research was performed, and should credit other contributors, as appropriate.

Use a crisp, clean design. All lettering should be legible from about 5 feet (1.5 m) away.

Font: Times New Roman. Font size: 120 pt for the title/ 48pt for subtitles/ 30 pt for text and ideas (24 pt minimum dimension for text).

The posters will run on a screen, 9×16 in dimension, in portrait format, so you will be asked to upload it before the presentation session.
Abstracts must be written in English, using the Times New Roman 12 font.
Abstracts must be structured on the following sections: objectives, materials and methods, results and conclusions. The title should be no more than 20 words, and the abstract max 250 words.
The Poster Contest:

The winners will be awarded by the congress sponsors!
Abstract deadline (for posters and oral presentation): 5.04.2017

Response to authors (for posters and oral presentations) via e-mail: 15.04.2017
Awards: ARSW awards will be given for the three best poster and oral presentations and for the
Evaluation criteria are originality of research, level of information and layout of the poster.