Using and bending orthodontic archwires

Date: 11 May 2017
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DDS-MS in Orthodontics Paris VII
Diplomate in Orthodontics Paris V
Diplomate in Orthodontics Switzerland
French Board of Orthodontics
Italian Board of Orthodontics

Associate Professor in Paris
Honorary Professor Bucarest Univ, Romania
Honorary Professor Cluj Univ, Romania.
Instructor at the Tweed Intl. Course in Tucson AZ
Director for Tweed Edgewise Short courses in Europe :
Short courses in Aarhus DK, Louvain Be Naples IT Paris
Edgewise course in Italy : Naples-Milan-Rome-Bucarest RO.
Bruxelles UCB. Moscow RU, Casablanca.MA

Scientific Societies
President Intl. Tweed Foundation for orthodontic research
President French Orthodontic Society SFODF
President European College of Orthodontics CEO
Intl. Member American Association of Orthodontists AAO
Member of the WFO, past board member
Member of Italian Orthodontic Society
President for the Italian Board of Orthodontist
Member of Morrocan Orthodontic Society
Co-President WFO-Paris 2005
President Founder for the AIOF : Intl Asso. Francophone Orthodontics
Founder for the Orthodontics Day in Paris 1998 FFO
International Lecturer


Arch Card : How to trace individual Arch Card ?
First order Bend
Third order : what’s news

First and Third order characterize Passive arch form.
Second order : Controle of the vertical .

Arch card for the case treated with U4 L4.

Leveling arch wires : Rectangular .016 x .022
Closing arch wires :
Lower .018 x .025 with closing loop
Upper .019 x .025 with closing loop

Anchorage in the lower 10-2-7
Class II mechanics on the Upper: Distal Bulbous Loop and Cl II mechanics
Finishing arch wires: 019 x .025
1- Loop Tweed forming plier .
2- Bird Beak plier #139
3- Two Arch Torquing Plier #442
4- Arch Turret with multi slots
5- Distal end cutting plier
6- Compas for drawing circles
7- Arch marking pen
8- Alastic chain
9- ligature wire .10

Archwire in Tube
Rectangular : .016x.022 .018x.025 .019x.025