Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Adriana Bălan, PhD, is at present Professor in Pediatric Dentistry Department, Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Grigore T. Popa” Iași. She received her dental education (1981) and orthodontic (1994) education at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Grigore T. Popa” Iași.
She is the Vice-president of the National Association of Pediatric Dentistry from Romania (ANSPR) and member of the International Association of Pediatric Dentistry (IAPD), European Association of Pediatric Dentistry (EAPD), Romanian Association for Dental Education (ADRE), etc.
She published 9 books, held over 120 lectures in national and international congresses and scientific manifestations published and communicated more than 370 scientific articles.


Cranio-maxillo-facial manifestations in oro-facial syndromes in children

Dentistry greatly benefit from the privilege of the openings offered to the scientific research phenomenon mainly motivated by the overwhelming impact of the progress in the area. The syndromes that affect the population vary widely as number and clinical features. From these, the syndromes with oro-maxillo-facial manifestations occupy a significant percentage. Recent findings from genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry have revolutionized viewpoint of the clinical approach of many syndromes optical and pathological entities, opening a new era in the development of clinical dentistry.
An arbitrary classification of the syndromes from the oro-maxillo-facial area include: chromosomal syndromes (e.g. Turner syndrome, Down Syndrome), syndromes that affect the osseous system (e.g. Marfan syndrome, Cleido-cranial dysplasia), overgrowth syndromes and post-natal obesity onset syndromes, syndromes with cranio-synostosis (e.g. Apert syndrome, Crouzon syndrome), branchial arch and oral-acral disorders (e.g. sindromul Franceschetti), oro-facial cleft (e.g. sindromul Pierre Robin), syndromes with unusual faces (e.g. Noonan syndrome, Romberg syndrome).
Among these diseases, the disturbances from the cranio-maxillo-facial system affect both skeletal and dental system and also the related muscular structures, comprising the same trends as overall physical development. The complete evaluation of the cranio-maxillo-facial disorders requires a detailed exploration of uneven accessibility, imposing an early diagnosis using population screening programs in order to initiate the adequate preventive and interceptive measures.