Curriculum Vitae

DDS-MS in Orthodontics Paris VII
Diplomate in Orthodontics Paris V
Diplomate in Orthodontics Switzerland
French Board of Orthodontics
Italian Board of Orthodontics

Associate Professor in Paris
Honorary Professor Bucarest Univ, Romania
Honorary Professor Cluj Univ, Romania.
Instructor at the Tweed Intl. Course in Tucson AZ
Director for Tweed Edgewise Short courses in Europe :
Short courses in Aarhus DK, Louvain Be Naples IT Paris
Edgewise course in Italy : Naples-Milan-Rome-Bucarest RO.
Bruxelles UCB. Moscow RU, Casablanca.MA

Scientific Societies
President Intl. Tweed Foundation for orthodontic research
President French Orthodontic Society SFODF
President European College of Orthodontics CEO
Intl. Member American Association of Orthodontists AAO
Member of the WFO, past board member
Member of Italian Orthodontic Society
President for the Italian Board of Orthodontist
Member of Morrocan Orthodontic Society
Co-President WFO-Paris 2005
President Founder for the AIOF : Intl Asso. Francophone Orthodontics
Founder for the Orthodontics Day in Paris 1998 FFO
International Lecturer

Adresses :  100 Rue R.Losserand 75014 PARIS

Mobile 00 33 6 20 08 31 68

E-Mail :


Myths and Facts ? Where are we today in orthodontics ?

Did new concepts change strategies ? Did new appliances change the treatment results and long term stability ?
Four controversial interrelated aspects of orthodontics will be reviewed :

Class II correction : Maxillary backward vs mandibular forward movement. Better control in mixed dentition early treatment has reduced the amount of lower anterior flaring that was seen in the non extraction cases. These reasons have moved the decision to a non extraction- approach to treatment. A day-to-day approach after 40 years of practice.

Relapts & Retention : Extraction vs non extraction treatment decisions. We see in orthodontic reviews that 90% post treatment shows lower anterior crowding in recent studies ! What happens in a single Edgewise practice ?

Zero slot vs pre-informed brackets : arch prescription model vs straight wire bracket prescriptions model. Is it time to go back to fundamentals in Edgewise ? Every individual occlusion is built to exact functional and aesthetic finishing occlusion, with no margin of error or compromise. Such attention to detail is something that has become second nature to us, as in fact as the technology we use: the standard Edgewise, with the Zero slot brackets. The individual bends require understanding that each individual is unique and most often requires an individualized approach during treatment from levelling to finishing.
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