Curriculum Vitae

Dr. LIDIA BOBOC, dr. șt. med., medic primar de ortodonție, medic specialist stomatologie generală, competență radiodiagnostic maxilo-dentar; până în 2005 conferențiar la clinica de ortodonție a Facultăţii de Stomatologie București, IMF Carol Davila București, de atunci activitate exclusivă la cabinetul particular de ortodonție; membră AAO, EOS, WFO.

Dr. Lidia Boboc, PhD, senior specialist in orthodontics, specialist in general dentistry, competence in maxillodental radiology; until 2005 senior lecturer at the Orthodontic Clinic of the Dental Faculty Bucharest, IMF Carol Davila; after that exclusive orthodontic private practice; AAO, EOS, WFO membership.


Humbled by TMJ and function

Most of the times when treatment planning our patients, we put a lot of effort into esthetic considerations and achievement of class I occlusion. However, quite many patients have issues regarding the functionality of their masticatory organ which have to be taken into consideration beyond the esthetic aspect. A thorough analysis of the TMJ, the masticatory organ and its functions can reveal often very useful information regarding possible hidden problems that can appear during or after treatment and can guide treatment direction better. The complex approach to TMJ oriented orthodontics is much more difficult and time consuming but can highlight some do’s and don’ts, some of which will be briefly presented.