Curriculum Vitae

DDs – University of Porto (Portugal)
PhD – University of Porto (Portugal)
Postgraduate in Orthodontics – University of Porto (Portugal)
Specialist in Orthodontics by OMD (Portugal)
Professor at Orthodontic Dept. Faculty of Dental Medicine-U.Porto (Portugal)
Exclusive orthodontic private practice – Porto (Portugal)


Early treatment – Class III malocclusion

Classe III malocclusion is a challenging task for an orthodontist. When early diagnosis is an opportunity, the patient often requires two or more stages of treatment. Therefore, the perfect timing of each phase is paramount and requires hard (and soft) skills in order to optimize the various therapeutic options and to achieve the best outcome in correcting/minimizing growth, functional and anatomical discrepancies.
This presentation will survey a systematic approach of diagnosing (early diagnosis of Class III and its prediction factors for the prognosis of structural progeny) and treatment planning, providing our clinic’s protocol, tools and techniques. A few clinical cases will be presented, typifying this protocol and the main types of early treatment procedures.
It will be discussed the advantages and disadvantages of some therapeutic options, in order to optimize the long-term results, based on the current scientific evidence and the authors’ clinical experience.
In conclusion, early orthodontic intervention is highly recommended, especially in pseudo- Classes III, of a functional nature, without skeletal imbalance. These treatments restore normal occlusal function to favor a more balanced facial growth. In the Class III syndrome with insufficient maxillary growth (sagittal and transverse) with or without mandibular excess, early orthodontic intervention, although having other objectives, is also an advocated procedure.