Curriculum Vitae

Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry – IMF Bucharest in1968. Works as an academic in the same university (now Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy) since 1971, and as head of the Paedodontics Department between 1995-2012
PhD degree in 1983. Started, in 1976, first studies in Romanian dentistry using the finite element method. Authored/co-authored 11 publications, mostly in the field of paediatric dentistry, over 200 scientific articles published in medical journals, and over 70 papers presented in international meetings. Member of the editorial board of several scientific journals.
Afiliations: European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (EAPD), International Association of Paediatric Dentistry (IAPD), Balcanic Stomatology Society (BaSS), European Association of Dental Public Health (EADPH).


Severe early childhood caries – from prevention to unwanted consequences

Severe early childhood caries (S-ECC), mainly known as “baby bottle tooth decay”, is still an important public health issue, due to its incidence, as well as to its local and even general consequences. Studies conducted in the Paedodontics Department of Carol Davila University reported a prevalence of 15% within general population and 36-38% in the clinic.
The paper presents 30 years’ clinical practice experience with S-ECC, leading to the conclusion that parents and caregivers need to be informed on caries prevention, on the importance of early first dental visit and regular check-ups. All these would help prevent unwanted consequences not only on short-term, like the extension of caries to the other teeth, pain and discomfort in mastication, physiognomy and speech disorders, but also more remote consequences, that may finally alter the balance and harmony of the dento-maxillary apparatus (e.g. modified eruption of permanent incisors in terms of timing and direction, with cross-bites that, without interception, may lead to severe malocclusions).